2774 Freezer Longliner/Gillnetter



Type:               Freezer Longliner / Gillnetter

Built:               1988 by Solstrand Slip & Båtbyggeri A/S, Norway – Lengthened 1997 – Strengthened for ice conditions 2002 to Ice C

Class:               DNV – 1A1, Fishing vessel, Ice C

Dimensions:  Loa 47,7 Registered length 41,49 m. – Beam 9,0 m.

Main Engine:   Caterpillar 3512 DITA, registered 735 kW, de-rated from 790 kW

Freezing/cooling equipment:

2 x horisontial plate freezers Jackstone 11 station each – 1997

1 x horisontial plate freezer 12 station DSI – 1997

2 x Optimar slurry ice machines

Freon R-404A refrigerant

Factory:           Processing factory for gutting, heading and bleeding of demersal species.

3X Technology – See drawing – New/renewed 2013

1 x Baader 424 Heading machine

3 x Marel scales

Accommodation: For 18 persons

Hold capacity: Approx. 560 m3 freezing hold, also rigged for fresh fish in tubs + 60 m3 bait hold

Various:          Galley renewed 2020

Mess room renewed 2018

New anti-roll tank 2014

1 x Mustad autoline system for 45.000 hooks (Presently kept ashore but still available and included)

The vessel is presently rigged for fishing for Greenland halibut and other demersal species by gillnets.

Mustad 45.000 hooks longline autoline machine and other equipment for longline is

kept ashore. Easy task to switch from gillnetting to longlining and vice versa

See specification for further details