•Built 2017 in lkor Shipyard Gdansk,Poland.
•45 x 9,2meters.
•Ice Class L4.
•Both equipped for Gillnets and Longline.
•Wetfish and Freezing on board capabilities.
•Freezing capacity approx 24 MT/day(can be increased further if needed).
•175 m2 factory deck.
•Can be setup with HG factory, filleting/and/or wet fish factory.
•Bait hold up to 30 MT,also used as net storage when gillnetting.
•Fish hold for 140MT of wet fish (456 x 440 liter Saeplast containers), or350-410 MT of frozen product (580 Cubic meter fish hold).
•Diesel Electric, 3x Caterpillar C18 465KW (total 1.395 kw) for propulsion and auxilary